Aspect is proud to have a commercial partnership arrangement with the Riga Technical University (RTU), Department of Clothing & Textile Technology, as a Centre of Excellence partner.

RTU works closely with us in leveraging their knowhow in such areas as:

  • Increasing productivity and upgrading workforce development strategies to create a safer working environment for our valued team, leading to enhanced efficiencies and improved competitiveness.
  • Production & Supply Chain efficiencies based on designing and improving the manufacturing process of textile clothing. 
  • Research & Development in new technology applications, one such project is the use of a 3-D full body scanner that provides 136 individual body measurements, within a 1mm tolerance in order to aid performance sportswear pattern design and development.
  • Fabric testing and new fabric development with advanced laboratory testing facilities.
  • The development of new types of sports performance textiles from natural fibers.
  • The role expansion of functional sports performance textiles by integrating into the garments electronic systems
  • We cooperate in hosting work experience opportunities for those studying at RTU in the various Garment Technology fields.